MoveME Classes

MoveME offers a new form of transformative embodiment. With ecstatic rhythms at the heart of our method, you’ll experience movement, meditation and manifestation like no other.

Our all-encompassing MoveME Method guides an embodiment journey through all seven soul gates, allowing you to re-write the narrative of your body and soul.

You may be a fitness guru. You may be a mama bear. You may slay the dance floor. You may have a full heart. You may have a broken spirit.

Whether you are in physical pain, suffering from emotional anguish, or at a spiritual crossroads, you are most likely looking to breakthrough the past to be more present. MoveME will guide you towards revival. What you hope to manifest, you will manifest through the power of movement.

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Chakra Healings

A one-on-one session helps you find your own way inwards through a Seven Soul Gate assessment and alignment. You will learn how to listen to your body, ground yourself, stabilize your energy, and access the field of creative intelligence.


  • 30 Minutes - $55

  • 45 Minutes - $75

  • 60 Minutes - $90

Purchase 5 sessions and receive a 10% discount.

Sliding scale rates available for those in need.

Group Events

MoveME offers a combination of movement, meditation, and Chakra healing for both large and small groups. The MoveME method can be tailored to meet the needs of the gathering. The MoveME Method:

  • Sets the tone for an event

  • Creates an open and warm organizational culture

  • Fosters a greater connection amongst your group

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After years of thinking I’m just not “cut out” for meditation, I realized that couldn’t be further from the truth! With Ashley’s guidance and calm, soothing spirit- I can say with absolute certainty I’ve never felt more peaceful, loving or patient with myself or with others. I feel prepared to take on whatever the day has to offer and always find myself using the techniques she has taught me long after our sessions are over! She has a rare gift for bringing out your best self.
— Claudia G.
Ashley is one of the few people I have had the great fortune of witnessing in various professional settings. I’ve seen her host impactful yoga and meditation sessions for youth leaders in the middle of the Panamanian Jungle, for successful executives at intimate high-profile summits, and for last-minute multi-purpose gatherings of mixed groups. Ashley has an uncanny ability to understand the true needs of those from all walks, zeroing in on what someone might be most receptive to in the moment, and guiding them comfortably where they need to go. She is powerfully humble, curiously creative, and the ultimate guide for any group.
— Bethany H.
Working with Ashley for almost a year made me grow personally and professionally. Her open mind, trust and fairness compass taught me to approach relationships and agreements in a more just and empathic way. She placed a high level of trust in me and my decisions and supported me along the way, which allowed me to step out of my comfort zone into a new domain, and own it. Ashley operates from a place of abundance and this enables her to share with others and make things happen in collaboration.
— Eliane C.