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An incessant seeker of Truth, with a gypsy spirit and a dancing soul.  

Hi, I am Ash Silver.

I’m the founder of MoveME, a movement method created to help women channel their traumas into divine gifts through the power of meditation, spiritual healing, and dance. A consultant for the mind, body & heart, I support women in their quest for seeking purpose, fulfillment and more from life. After 25 years and 35 countries of esoteric teachings in neuroscience, somatics, and energy medicine, I guide the journey from constant movement to conscious movement. My life’s work is to honor women as they reclaim their divine feminine and surrender to the bold, vibrant, fierce, beautiful, worldly rhythms of the heart.

My embodiment journey started eleven years ago, when in Fiji studying meditation. I was invited to move through music in order to find a deep, meditative state. While all those around me remained fixed in place, I was, quite literally, pulled into a trance through dance. In that moment, embodiment became my life’s purpose. I found ecstatic liberation, a radiance so fierce it reverberated throughout my whole body and beyond. This was when I realized that meditation wasn’t only about sitting still. It was only through transcendental movement I was able to find my sacred still-point.

I soon learned that everything moves, nothing is still, and that the universe breathes with us, through us, and around us. I began awakening to the power of our human energy system, and finding the chakras as the gateway to the Soul. By using these Seven Soul Gates we can begin to attune our selves to our own innate body’s wisdom, becoming a channel for endless creation, self-healing, and effortless growth.

Before devoting my life’s work to embodiment, meditation, and spiritual healing, I was the co-founder of the world’s first traveling high school, THINK Global School. Through TGS,  I developed a social-emotional life skills curriculum that offers youth the tools needed for inner transformation and the healthy emergence of the soul. I am currently completing my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Spirituality Mind Body at Teachers College, Columbia University.